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Updated: May 12, 2021

Working 1-1 with children: what we do to make our lessons #engaging and #interactive!

We understand that studying one to one with a tutor can sometimes make our children anxious, since they are used to a classroom environment with a structured system; even more so at the moment! That is why, at Learn to Shine Education Ltd, we do our best to keep our lessons light, fun and interesting without losing the education element. Check our ‘gallery’ here…

How are we different?

Scope for creativity is always given at ‘Learn to Shine’. We give our students the freedom to create their own world of education; we facilitate and scaffold their individual learning to enhance the curriculum and the experience they have with us. For example, numbers and words can be written with images to build neural - connections and allow for them to be able to more easily access the number or word, as required. This is a simple, immersive and very effective way in which to build basic skills across the curriculum. Here, Cognition Today discusses the ways in which we learn on a daily basis. A really interesting read!

Listen to their needs!

We also make learning fun by changing educational materials to suit a child’s learning style. If books, paper and pens don't work for your child, why not let them use crayons, playdough or glitter? Parent Kind shares some great resources here: In our centre, we provide different teaching aids and let our students choose what they would like to work with. Multisensory learning is a massive part of how we work at ‘Learn to Shine’ and we have experts in this field consistently striving to find fresh and exciting ways of working to help all children who join us - no matter their age!

Keep it fun!

Additionally, learning one to one does not mean that games are impossible! Our tutors are not only teachers but also team players who are friendly and humorous. We love to interact with our students and enjoy a good laugh together! We play-to-learn so that our students will love learning just as much as playing!

So, what next?

If you are still wondering about whether your child would benefit from private tutoring with Learn to Shine Education Ltd, please do not hesitate to contact us and have a discussion or follow us on #Facebook, and #Twitter to see what we’ve been up to!


We work online and face-face. Our teachers always put a child’s educational needs first!

To find out more or join us. Visit or contact us on 07988909563 - we're here to listen and support your child!

Ready to find out how we use Multisensory techniques?

Next week: we will explore in more detail what ‘multisensory’ learning means and how it benefits children who have signs of, or have been diagnosed with, dyslexia.

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