Pricing and Payment Policy

This section sets out the terms and conditions that apply to the parents and students participating in tutoring sessions with 'Learn to Shine’.

  1. For the purpose of this Pricing and Payment Policy, ‘LTS’, ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘the company’ will refer to 'Learn to Shine*’.

  2. When a student signs up to a full-time schedule this indicates attendance at 50 sessions throughout the year to be taken in accordance with a plan drawn up between the tutor and the parent / carer of the student. Please note: ‘LTS’ is closed during the 2 week Christmas break.

  3. Payments are due on 1st monthly throughout the year.

  4. Where a student commences tutoring sessions part way through a month, then the sessions taken within that ‘start’ month will be payable at £35 per hour or £20 per half hour prior to the first session and thereafter become due on 1st monthly.

  5. 'Learn to Shine’ offers one-to-one sessions in both ‘online’ and ‘classroom’ settings.  See chart below.

  6. 'Learn to Shine’ offers group sessions in both ‘online’ and ‘classroom’ settings (subject to availability and the Social Distancing Policy). See chart below.

  7. The chart here indicates the monthly pricing at 'Learn to Shine’ where the student signs up on a full-time (meaning attendance weekly throughout the full year) basis.

FULL TIME (online or face-face)

Cost per 1 hour session 

£135  per month

Cost per half hour session

£80 per month


1-hour £35

30 minutes £20

Group online (currently not available)

75 x 12

Weekend Challenge Group Classroom  (currently not available)

95 x 12


See 'pricing' section on Website for new available sessions. 

  1. Where a student takes a holiday and the required notice has been given and agreed with 'Learn to Shine’ then a ‘Holding Fee’ is payable.  See ‘General Terms and Conditions’ for more details.

  2. 'Learn to Shine’ will always endeavour to accommodate holidays and genuine reasons for absence by providing an alternative date and time for the missed session/s (catch-ups).  However, this cannot be guaranteed.

  3.  In circumstances where the required notice has not been given then the session will be regarded as forfeited i.e. the cost of the session will still have to be paid even when the student did not attend.

  4. Pricing is correct at the time of signing and is guaranteed for the period of time drawn up in the plan between the tutor and the parent / carer of the student.

  5. As a minimum our Pricing and Payment Policy is reviewed on an annual basis.

  6. The Plan Period (see General Terms and Conditions) is a minimum of 1 month with no maximum. However, payments are calculated on an annual basis to be paid monthly throughout the full year. This may mean, dependent upon the ‘Plan period’, that payments made, compared to sessions taken, are out of balance.  In these circumstances, any underpayment will be required to be paid prior to the final session due within the plan period.

  7. If a balance (‘underpayment’ see 13 above) is not settled then legal action may be taken by ‘LTS’ to recover any costs.

  8. Where payments have not been received in accordance with the terms of the Pricing and Payment Policy, the tutors at 'Learn to Shine’ reserve the right to cancel all sessions agreed with the parent / carer and student and may allocate those dates and times of sessions to another paying student.

'Learn to Shine*’ Lifestyle House, 157-163 Sheffield Road, Stanley Street, Killamarsh S21 1DY

Pricing and Payment Policy: 18th August 2020. Next review 1st May 2021. 

*Subject to change at owner’s discretion