Early Years and Pre-School Phonics

We have expert, specialist Early Years tutors who can ensure your child reaches the 'Good Level of Development' required before they move into Year 1. Believe it or not, tutoring at a very young age is extremely effective and the results are massive in young children. Through tutoring, your child will become extremely confident in their skills educationally and will start Year 1 ahead of the game! 'Keeping up' at school is much easier than 'catching up'...why wait?! Give them the best start through an individualised learning plan which follows their interests and provides the feedback and learning input they need immediately. 

The 'Prime Areas' of the EYFS are: Communication and Language; Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional development. At 'Learn to Shine' these prime areas underpin all aspects of tutoring and you will notice your child's listening skills and speech improve too.