Social Distancing Policy 

The most important thing we can do is to: 

stay alert, 

control the virus, 

and in doing so, save lives. 

This section sets out the rules that apply to the parents and students participating in face to-face tutoring sessions with 'Learn to Shine Education Ltd’. 

1. For the purpose of these Social Distancing Policy rules, ‘LTS’, ’we’, ‘our’ and ‘the company’ will refer to 'Learn to Shine Education Ltd*’ 

2. Government guidelines on Social Distancing MUST be followed at all times 

3. Do NOT enter ‘LTS’ premises, if you, or any member of your close family has or has been, in contact with anyone diagnosed with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID 19). 

4. Use the hand sanitiser dispenser, located in the entrance area, upon entering the building.

5. Wash your hands for 20 seconds before entering the ‘LTS’ classroom; please do this in addition to using sanitiser upon entering the building due to passing through communal areas.

6. Students will be asked to use sanitiser when entering the ‘LTS’ classroom and before using resources. Please provide an alcohol based sanitiser of at least 64% alcohol (this is important to kill the virus). Please note, students will be asked to use ‘LTS’ sanitiser if they do not have their own. 

7. Obey the safe distancing guidance within the ‘LTS’ classroom where the desks have been arranged in accordance with the ‘2 metre safe distancing’ government guidelines. 

8. Cover coughs and sneezes at all times. 

9. Children above the age of 11 years old should wear a face mask at all times whilst on the premises and when in sessions. Younger children are welcome to wear face masks/visors and may be asked to do so at the discretion of the tutor. 

10. Parents / carers must ensure students have their own stationary in a pencil case or similar. If you require any equipment please inform your tutor. 

11. Student’s temperature will be taken upon entering the classroom - please do this prior to attending sessions, if you are able to. If you are not able to do this please be aware that students will be asked to leave should their temperature be high. 

12. Upon taking a student's temperature, tutors will make a decision based on the thermometer reading as to whether the tutoring session can go ahead (see below)... 

Green: allow the session to go ahead. 

Orange: the session will not go ahead. 

Red: the session will not go ahead and it is advised that parents/carers seek medical advice. Please note that the tutor will take the child’s temperature 3 times. If Orange or Red flashes more than once then the student must leave the building. We will then offer to take the students temperature again after 5 minutes. Please remember that if the reading is high rearranging a session will only take place if convenient for the tutor and should be arranged via customer service not the tutor directly. A refund will not be given. 

13. Parental responsibility with regard to protecting yourself and others is paramount at all times when attending tutoring sessions. 

14. For the parents of students in Year 1 and below: Do not wait in communal areas inside the building during a student’s tutoring session. The sofa can be used for a minimal amount of time upon waiting for the student’s session to start and end - try to time your drop-off and collection to give enough time to wash hands without needing to wait in the communal area outside the kitchen. 

15. For the parents of students in Year 2 and above: The ‘LTS’ tutor will greet the student in the car park and then, once the session is finished, will accompany the student to the car park for pick up by the parent/carer. This reduces the number of people entering the building.

16. If in doubt, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, to protect yourself and others from COVID 19.


It is extremely important that parents / carers are aware of this policy and a copy will be in the office if you would like a paper copy. Please ensure you are particularly clear regarding points 11 and 12.

'Learn to Shine Education Ltd*’ Lifestyle House, 157-163 Sheffield Road, Stanley Street, Killamarsh, S21 1DY

Social Distancing Policy March 2021. Next review April 2021. Reviews carried out monthly.

*Subject to change at owner’s discretion.