She said what?

Updated: May 12, 2021

At Learn to Shine Education Ltd, we are always willing to listen to both children and parents. We love to share stories about our children's moments that light up the day!


Here’s a funny story from one of our tutors..."I regularly work with the younger children at Learn to Shine Education Ltd. We have so much fun and I end up laughing so much at the things they say. One little girl regularly tries to distract me from work. The most recent distraction was that she’d heard that schools were going to be closing because farmers were now going to be taking over the world! I asked her to elaborate and she told me that all everyone else had to do was “eat ice-cream and dance” (sounds good to me!). However, upon expansion and reflection, she concluded that it wouldn’t be fair on the farmers because they’d have to run the world and wouldn’t have time to join in the fun...that was the only flaw in the story! It made me laugh so much. I love hearing stories - they have fantastic imaginations! Clearly, she wasn’t up for doing my work during that session, so instead, I took her lead and she wrote the story and drew an amazing picture with labels: nouns, adjectives and verbs! She ended up doing a wonderful piece of writing and we both got so much out of that session!"

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