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Here's what our customers' say about us... 

"(student) is always so happy to come to tutoring. (student) has even starting doing work at home. I can't thank you enough."

"When we started tutoring, we were sure there was no way (student) would engage or even want to keep coming. We've seen such a massive change in (student). (student's) confidence has grown so much as (student) is now working at their own year group! Even the teacher has commented on the change n attitude and behaviour - we're so happy we can to you!"

"I love it here - can I have a job?"

"I would like to thank both yourself and Claire for all your help and wish that we could have found you a year ago, as (student) would have passed the first time I am sure...I will be promoting your business to anyone who asks about Tutors.  I think you guys are fantastic!"

"My friend is calling you tomorrow!"

"Thank you so much for writing the referral letter and supporting us on this journey. Your referral helped get thing rolling so much quicker - we couldn't have done it without you and we will all be eternally grateful. Thank you."

We have consistently achieved a 5        rating across Facebook and Google!                

One-to-One Tuition

Learn to Shine Tutoring offers one-to-one private tutoring and small group tutoring in a warm, comfortable and inspiring environment with a qualified primary or secondary teacher. Your initial assessment session allows our professional tutors to set a plan for your child which is personalised and allows for individual learning styles and specific needs. We work with you and your child to work towards a goal building confidence and a love of learning!

Personalised Development Programme

Initial Consultation / Session

On-going reporting and feedback

Regular re-assessments to prioritise weaker areas

Confidential tutor-parent sessions



We know how children learn. We use adaptive teaching techniques and respond, on the spot, to children's understanding and pitch activities to the exact level your child needs. We are patient, yet firm and we get results! We are experienced specialist in our fields and we bring out the best in every child and meet objectives far beyond the objectives your child will meet in school. We know about learning difficulties, reluctant learners and mental health. We underpin our teaching with an ethos that all children can successfully achieve in education and we set children up for a brighter, happier and more enthusiastic future in education. 

Below, we discuss specific barriers to learning and how we can help!


Our tutors are experts in their field and have experience of various learning difficulties; including speech and language, dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism and ADHD. We recognise children have different needs and we see this as a route to enhance learning for every child!


We feel passionate about the importance of positive mental health in education. Recently,  have seen an influx of students with mental health issues including mild anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. Our tutors use all of their knowledge and experience to create an atmosphere to suit your child, or any adult learners. We never put pressure on our students, and we understand the importance of being calm, patient and understanding a person's mindset. Our goal is to enable students to love learning and to enjoy their time with us allowing for them to freely ask questions and learn at their own pace.


Children learn in a variety of ways, the most well known ways are: visually; auditory; read/write and kineasthetically. All of our tutors' have an understanding of learning styles and the psychology behind them. Our flexibility with teaching, to adapt to different learning styles, means a variety of resources can be used to enhance learning. See our gallery for a look at what we get up to during our sessions! If you choose to join us for tutoring online, we still manage to create sessions which involve movement and interest...perhaps we'll ask your child to hunt for a noun beginning with 'p' or find for three cubes - we have plenty of experience in learning engagement and keeping children's interests. Understandably, sometimes children just aren't in the mood for learning...we still do all we can but some sessions may be slower. This is nothing to worry about - we will always meet curriculum objectives one way or another, this may very well be verbally on occasion - you will probably hear us sing!

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